Using quality materials from specialist companies such as Icopal and Baileys, DP Roofing can professionally and cost effectively install and repair insulation to your domestic or commercial roof.

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With 30 years of knowledge in the building trade, we are skilled in choosing the best quality and durable materials to insulate your roof. We have the proven experience and dedication you require, to keep to your schedule and quote, with 100% of our previous clients agreeing.


Our previous clients also scored us 10/10 on customer-trusted, Checkatrade for our workmanship. We feel it's important to discuss your project and plans, highlighting any key areas that may require further research.


It is worth noting that when repairing 25% or more of the total area of the roof, we are required by law to insulate the rest of the area. The 2006 building regulation was enforced to reduce energy loss in buildings by at least 20%. Failure to comply can result in a £5,000 fine for the homeowner and be problematic at the time of selling your home.



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